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U-KISS Graphic Community

U-KISS Designs
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welcome to U-kiss Designs, a community to share your U-kiss graphics. Please read the rules before posting.

1. Please post graphics only. For news and other stuff refer to ukiss
2. Please don't post more than 3 teasers outside the cut.
3. If you use an external link and are going to lock it, please let it open for atleast 48 hours before doing so.
4. Use the correct tags.
5. No advertising
6. Videos. Posting links to videos (streaming or downloading) is prohibited. This is a graphics site. If you want to post videos somewhere, post them at ukiss
7. Hotlinking is PROHIBITED. Host images to your own site to save bandwidth. No one likes to have their images hotlinked.
8. A thank you wouldn't hurt for makers. They spend time making the icons.
9. Last but not least, have fun!